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Thusharagiri Water Falls

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One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Malabar region of Kerala is in Thusharagiri and it is considered as the major tourist destination in Malabar region with five water falls right in the middle of the forest. "Thusharagiri" literally meaning "snow capped mountains" and affectionately . As the name suggests, land and water have struck an extraordinary kinship at Thusharagiri (mist capped peaks). The waterfalls on the backdrop of the Western Ghats provide an exhilarating and spellbinding sight to the visitor. The added focus laid on this unique eco-Tourism destination by the Tourism Department, Govt. of Kerala, has in a way helped promote this area to a large segment of potential tourists. The best roar of the waterfalls can be enjoyed from September to November. The waterfall with its gentle spray is sure to soothe every eye. 

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